The Nola Global Youth Festival (NOLAGYF) is the keystone event following a three-day festival production bootcamp. It empowers the youth of New Orleans with event management training, life and entrepreneurial skills, and social justice.

The NOLAGYF acts as a viable resources for the youth in the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas, with regards to promoting the importance of education, self-respect, hard work and empowering our youth to be role models, leaders, and advocates for their community’s fare share.

From community activists and music lovers, to nonprofit and local vendors, the NOLA Global Youth Festival attracts over 5,000 influential, motivated & committed New Orleans residents. This dynamic group of urbanites is entrepreneurial, socially conscience, and community minded.

New Orleans is undeniably one of the most popular cities in the world for tourists to visit, attracting millions every year. People come from all over the world to experience our Mardi Gras celebration, N.O. Jazz & Heritage Festival, Essence Music Festival and other great events. History, culture, people, food and music abound, our city possesses an allure to visitors not found anywhere else, creating the foundation of what is arguably the festival capital of the world.

And, while our city already has a “festival” for virtually every aspect of music and culture, there has never been an all-encompassing festival specifically designed to promote All Youth Entertainment and All Youth Execution.